Doak and his wife, Cynthia come from Early, TX. Doak helped start and managed a successful Counselling Center there for almost 20 years. He felt the Lord burdening his heart to do something for pastors and their families. They sold their home and moved to Fort Worth to be involved with Shepherds Watchmen. Currently, he is working on a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Both he and his wife have just taken on new jobs and are getting settled here. We are anxious to see what and how God is going to use Doak and Cynthia in the work of Shepherds Watchmen. Each of them have talents and skills that enable them to help us reach out to and minister to God’s shepherds. Pray for them as they help us with this great work.

They have three grown sons, Keith, Wesley, and Thomas. They are expecting their first  grandchild.

They enjoy spending time with family and travelling.