We want to use this section of our webpage to bring to your attention information on the ministries and the needs SW is working to meet.

There are many needs pastors of all ages have but the nature of the ministry inhibits them from talking about them. Pastors are not used to talking about their own needs. Many have struggled for years in silence without ever discussing their needs with their congregations. Both young and older pastors are guilty of this. Our purpose here is to bring informative information to you so that you might be better equipped to come along side your pastor as a help. This blog will not be a gossip section. SW is committed to helping educate and inform God’s people so they too can truly become a Watchmen of God’s Shepherds.

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Why Pastors Leave the Ministry

August 11th, 2019

Why Pastors Leave the Ministry by Fuller Institute, George Barna and Pastoral Care Inc. * 1,500 clergy leaving pastoral ministry each month. - The Barna Research Group * 61% of congregations have forc...

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