About Us

We understand the burden of ministry and are here to "Watch and care for those who watch and care for God's people!"

How do we get the word out?

  • When a pastor/family call:

    We listen, we understand and we care--We will graciously listen with strict confidentiality. All of our team have “been there” with our families and we understand the pressures and the need for privacy. We will do our best to meet you at your need with an effective help.

  • When we call a pastor:

    No, we won’t ask him for money. If we call we are trying to buy you lunch or coffee so we can listen and learn what we can do to help you and your family more effectively.

  • When we call for partnerships:

    We primarily look to partner with Christian businesses, business leaders, churches, foundations, and individuals.

  • When an organization is interested or contacted by us:

    We share with them our passion to help, while demonstrating financial integrity, leadership accountability and personal impact on pastors’ families.

  • When Nobody is Calling:

    Even when nobody is calling there are pastors’ families who are hurting and still working. So we go! We go to businesses, lunches, conferences, workshops, churches, coffees and anywhere we can to share our passion of “Helping pastors and their families”.

 How do we get started?

Do you know a pastor or pastor’s widow in need? If so, contact us and we’ll send you a Recommendation Referral form for you to fill out and send back to us.  All information will be kept confidential.